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1)MAO's vocal lesson

The voice is the only instrument in existence that is completely internal. If you don't know your own body and how it operates you will not be able to utilize your voice to it's fullest potential. Her technique is based on the study of the human anatomy and she is committed to bringing out the natural beauty of your voice. Her lessons will include - a series of exercises for breathing, loosening up tongue tension, building resonance and strengthening the vocal chords. It doesn't matter what style of music you'd like to sing- opera, jazz, music threater, pop, classical, this technique will give you the necessary foundation. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is already singing but feels like your voice is not reaching its fullest potential - She is the teacher for you!

2)Studio Policy

Cancellation Policy --- MK Vocal Studio requires AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE BEFORE your lesson time for any cancellation via PHONE ONLY. Email is not accepted. If proper notice is not provided, the student is still responsible for the complete payment of the lesson. It is important to be on time for your scheduled lesson; if you are late the time missed will not be made up or refunded.

Student Expectations --- Because these lessons are intended for serious singer, students are expected to be prepared. This means practicing assigned material and being ready for their lesson with music, pencil, binder or notebook, lyrics, water, good attitude, etc. Also, MAO would like to suggest all the parents to join the last 15 or 10min of the lesson if your kids under 12 yrs old. Because it is a great way to encourage your kids to express themselves and it also good for you to know how were they performed in the class.

Referrals --- Your referrals are greatly appreciated. If you refer someone for lessons, and that person sigh up for a lesson package, you are entitled to one free lesson and the length of your free lesson will be as long as that person’s single lesson. Please make sure that you tell them to mention your name when they call, so I know whom to give the free lesson!

3)Singing Practice Tips

1. It is essential to practice every day.
Some teachers recommend that students have one day off each week from practice. On average, you need to practice around 20 minutes (if you are complete beginner) to 30-40 minutes (if you have already learned for couple of months).

2. The key is a practice routine.
It is very important to have a specific time in the day, devoted to practice.

3. Set goals for each practice session.
Practice is the most effective and enjoyable when it is goal oriented rather than time oriented.

4. The essence of practice is repetition.
We all have a remarkable gift of “muscle memory”. Once we have sung something correctly a few times our diaphragm, vocal cord, tongue and mouth seem to know it even without us having to think about.

5. Concentrate.
Keep your mind on what you are doing when you are practicing.

6. Practice slowly.
Please do not doing too fast when you practice. Because accuracy, good rhythm and confident tone are the goals you should be striving for.

7. Sing for family, friends and anyone who will listen.
People love to hear music being played. Let them hear what you can do. Have fun!

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