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1)Vocal Instructor—MAO KE

• Over 20 years singing performance and teaching experience
• Master and Bachelor degree of Vocal Performance
• Enthusiastic personality and vivid teaching method
• Patient, Responsibility, Creativity and Friendly
• Teach Classical. Musical Theater. Pop. Jazz
• RCM registered vocal teacher


“MAO KE's voice was fantastic...... She has forced me to be very picky. Her tone was just great.” (Read more)

Toronto Star ----- Toronto Metro News

“Mao is an intelligent, hard working, organized, reliable and responsible instructor. She seldom cancels classes and is always supportive of special music event and competitions. She has an encouraging and patient teaching style. Mao has verbal and written communication skills and gose out of her way to make sure that the parents are always informed of their children’s progress. She is always thinking on way to make a lesson or activity an enjoyable and rewarding learing experience….. Mao Ke is a great vocal instructor. Her knowledge of music and ability to perform will be a great asset to any learning community. ” (Read more)

Maurizio Di Rauso

Director of Arcadia Academy of Music School

“Ms. Ke Mao has wonderful rapport with students of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with students of all ages, levels, and styles are outstanding. Under her instruction, students have shown significant improvement of their music skill as well as have won numerous awards in vocal competitions. Ms. Ke Mao can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She accomplishes all given tasks with great enthusiasm and has displayed a positive attitude.” (Read more)

Kristian Alexander

Music Director of International Music Academy

3)Comments from Students

"Mao, is definitely my singing inspiration, with her anything is possible" - Darryl De Sousa

“Mao’s singing classes were very interactive, she put her heart into the lessons and I learnt much from her.”

- Jessica Giunta

“When you have a burning dream in your heart, share with Mao. It will come to pass that you will do it. Nothing is too hard for her to direct, guide, lead, inspire you and you will not give up, but go on to be great!!! ” - Sabrina Conga

“Thank you for teaching us! You’re the best singer and singing teacher in the world!” - Lauren & Ellen

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